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Sound Advice - BCIT Awards Speech

The following are some excerpts from Nigel’s Keynote Address at the BCIT Awards 2019. It’s sound advice for young people starting their careers, and for those of us who have been at it a while.

Homes of Hope - Mexico

What started as a one-time trip turned into a yearly event that snowballed. Read more in this week’s blog

Reconnecting with Old Friends.

As an entrepreneur it is easy to shrug off that Thursday evening activity with friends and far too easy to eventually loose touch. Read more in this week’s blog…

Take Time for What Really Matters

With another holiday season yet upon us. We are told,  this is the time of the year for family and regeneration. But do any of us really listen? Read more in this week’s blog…

Respect Your Elders: Wisdom and Knowledge

I am quite astonished by all the requests I have recently received from Elder groups to speak at their gatherings. At almost 57, yes I guess I now can call myself an elder. Read more in this week’s blog…

Are You GiftADD?

It’s the end of August, the end of summer. Time to return to school. Growing up, this weekend was always the worst weekend of the year for me. Read more in this week’s blog…