The following are some excerpts from Nigel’s Keynote Address at the BCIT Awards 2019. It’s sound advice for young people starting their careers, and for those of us who have been at it a while.


Great responsibility:  Being a BCIT Alumni and now an ELDER I have a personal responsibility to pass down my experiences and knowledge (good and bad) to the next generations. This is the reason I wrote my book this is the reason I am standing in front of you today.

 Places like BCIT and other similar institutions are our best chance for positive change in the world.

·       We constantly doubt ourselves just like the helicopter pilot in the Sinai asked me in Egypt 30 years before “Do you really think you can make a difference?” I had been wondering this for years.  


·      But we are like cutter ants, each one doing our part for the whole of humanity

·      Like the cutter ants we are all part of a massive collective of positive change and each piece really does help the collective.

 BCIT is a conduit that inspires great change in the world

·      This group here today is special,  you all have unique talents.  With this honor comes great responsibility to lead and have the most positive impact on the world as you can while you are here.

·      You can choose two routes in life and business 1) let it get to your head or  2) leverage it to create an amazing future for you, your family and your global community.


·      In life you will have many Victories and some failures.  Remember to celebrate the Victories and enjoy the moment.  But also recognize and learn from your failures.  If you are failing it means you are pushing the envelope and moving forward. 

 Stop and savor the victories together:

·      Life moves fast and we tend to pass off Victories and recognition (such as awards) very quickly and move on to the next goal or shiny object.  

·      STOP and savor these moments with those you care about. 

·      Don't just be special for this day be special for your lifetime.   Lift up others around you.   Just like the classmates of a Dyslexic failing student did so many years ago.

·      Over your lifetime you will build a platform of people around you.  Leverage that platform as hard as you can to have the most positive impact on the world around you. 

·      Be a Hero to your Grandkids!

·      Then you will know your life is complete. 

But today start by celebrating with those who truly care about you.

A big thank you BCIT for this opportunity to share.