Wondering whether you should take that leap and start your own business?

In this action-oriented autobiography, Nigel Bennett shares the many leaps he took on the way to becoming a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, spouse and parent. Follow him as he moves between the intensity of extreme outdoor adventures and the intense work of starting, building and growing a successful international business dedicated to protecting water, the world’s most precious resource. Discover some of the bigger leaps he and his fellow entrepreneurs make on the way to success and what helps them nimbly cross any chasms. Learn how going for a life rhythm,  rather than life balance  can make it possible for you to:

  • Leverage your business to do good in the world
  • Travel and have extreme adventures doing so
  • Spend tons of time with your family
  • Give back through numerous philanthropic activities.

If you have an interest in designing your life around what you care about,  you’ll want to read Take That Leap