Nigel Bennett and his family take care of what really matters to them. They give their time, energy and money to organizations whose work aligns with what they care about through the KOKORO GIFT FUND.


 “We wanted our money to go directly to doing good in the world as soon as possible. So we chose to set up a charitable gift fund so we could give directly to our favorite charities. 100% of net proceeds from book sales and speaking engagements related to Take That Leap: Risking It All For What Really Matters go straight to our family's philanthropic fund called Kokoro. Each year, we disburse funds to organizations whose work aligns with our family’s commitment to environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment."
Nigel J. Bennett





 An organization founded by myself and my son Devon, Sue Hollis and her son Jake, and Kevin Lawrence to shine a positive light on the "gifts" of ADD and dyslexia



TruBeach is an app based in social media that allows users to report on global water quality at beaches around the world. Download TruBeach for free from the App Store.



As of July 2019, a total of $1,110,000 has been raised or given to the following charities through KOKORO.



Hollyhock exists to help nourish, support and inspire people trying to make the world better.  To curate and bring together the best and brightest teachers available on the planet today. Our family supports the Hollyhock scholarship fund assisting potential young leaders of the next generation to attend Hollyhock.


Pachamama Alliance

Working in solidarity with indigenous partners in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest to protect their land and culture and inspire individuals everywhere to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world since 1995


Homes of Hope

Bringing more than 100,000 volunteers together to build homes for the poor in 21 countries since 1990  (Kokoro focuses our giving in Mexico)


Wilderness Committee

Building broad public support for preserving wilderness, protecting threatened species, defending parks and natural resources, and fighting for a stable climate through research, publishing and legal action since 1980


Surfrider Foundation

Protecting the world’s oceans, wave and beaches through campaigns that increase awareness of issues like clean water, ocean protection and plastic pollution and champion policy and legal battles for coastal preservation and beach access since 1984


Covenant House Vancouver

Providing love and hope to the city’s street youth who have fled physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse, been forced from their homes or who have aged out of foster care since 1997



 Largest international organization in the world committed to ocean conservation and focused on alleviating problems such as overfishing, acidification and habitat destruction through policy-oriented campaigns since 2001


Motivated by Wisdom

Helping youth successfully cross the bridge into adulthood with a deep inner confidence in their values, gifts and intuition through relevant rites of passage since 2006 (formerly known as Teen Journey)


Children of the 7 Rays

 Bringing awareness to restoring the relationship between ourselves and Mother Earth based on indigenous values of responsibility, reciprocity and reverence, as well as facilitating the exchange of indigenous knowledge since 2008 


Loisaba Community Conservation Foundation Inc

On a 100 sq.mi. ranch in the middle of the Laikipiak Plateau in Kenya, we meld the needs of man and nature by providing a refuge for native species of animals which also allows the local Laikipiak Masaai and Samburu tribes the opportunity for employment and sustainable agriculture. 


Plan International

We have also been supporting Plan International (Foster Parents Plan) since 1998.  We have support 8 children in total from countries such as Ecuador, Paraguay, Pakistan and several African Countries.  We visited our sponsored child “Felix” in Ecuador as a family in 2010 to see the progress Plan was making in his village. We were welcomed to his school and grandmothers home for lunch.

BCIT Alumni Association

A global community of passionate alumni promoting the excellence of BCIT. Alumni are also key supporters of current BCIT students. By donating to the Alumni Annual Fund, alumni help current BCIT students succeed.

Hope Air

Hop Air is a national charity that arranges free flights for Canadians in financial need who must travel to healthcare far from home. 

Hustle 2.0

This July Rieko and I were invited to the High Desert State Prison in Susanville California. We participated in an entrepreneurs mentorship program (Hustle 2.0) that equips incarcerated people with training and tools to transform their lives, impact, and hustle. This was an extremely difficult but rewarding program for Rieko, myself, the incarcerated men, the prison warden and his staff. More on this impactful experience in an upcoming blog.



What really matters to YOU?

We invite you to take a leap and give of yourself to take care of whatever it is that matters to you in this world.
Make a donation of your time, your energy or your money to a charity you admire...or get involved with and give directly to any of the organizations we do. Just click on their name above to be redirected to their website.