It's time to dispel the myth that you have to sacrifice everything to become a successful entrepreneur. It is possible to live a life of purpose, to take care of what really matters and to leverage your business in ways you never knew were possible. Nigel Bennett is the living proof.

Students in college and leaders in organizations can learn from this humble, yet remarkable businessman what is possible when you go into business.


MOTIVATIONAL KEYNOTE: The “Take That Leap” Experience

Get inspired to launch your own business

Nigel’s signature keynote gives people at least three tools they can use immediately to begin to design the business and the personal life they want, along with ideas about how to refuel and leverage their energy to get it all done. This memorable presentation will:

   •   Open your event with excitement and optimism that will fuel a thirst for learning and action

   •   Give your people a shot of courage to do what they’ve never done before

   Transform how people think about their work and life

   Close your gathering with hope and a passion to implement what they’ve learned.



Discover what it takes to become a titan in business and in life

This session challenges young people to see themselves becoming high achievers in the top of their field. Your attendees will have fun as they learn:

   •   What titans have that others don’t

   •   What titans let go of that others don’t

   •   Which philosophies and habits lead to greatness.