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With another holiday season yet upon us.   We are told, this is the time of the year for family and regeneration.

But do any of us really listen to the wisdom of those who came before us?

As an entrepreneur this time of the year can become extremely overwhelming & stressful. Year end budgets need to be filled. Products and services need to be delivered.

As entrepreneurs we tend to work more hours during this season than any other,  keeping us from spending time with our families and loved ones.

We all agree that the years fly by and this habit of working late and thru the holidays quickly becomes our normal.

We fabricate excuses such as  “I am working hard for the family to secure our future”.  Then with regret we put our heads down and push thru.  The question is "are we really working for our families if we never get to see them”,  if we never get to see them what¹s the point?

But by building and sticking with a few simple strategies you can spend that ever important time with your family all year long.

So I challenge you this holiday to turn things on its head.   Lets put our family first over our perceived business commitments as life goes way too quick.

Read more about my personal experience of how I have been able to set up my business to run without me so I could enjoy more time with family and giving back to our community. Take That Leap