"To achieve true economic, ecological and social sustainability means breaking with our old ways of thinking of the planet as a subsidiary. Solomon offers us a profoundly sensible 21st century road map to get there".

  • Gary Hirshberg, chairman and former president and CEO, Stonyfield Farm


"For Joel Solomon money is raw energy, a latent force that can be harnessed and channelled for the social, ecological and political transformation that the world so desperately awaits. His is a fresh vision, insightful, wise and profoundly hopeful".

  • Wade Davis, UBC Leadership Chair in Culture and Ecosystems at Risk


"The Clean Money Revolution is aspirational, it’s unsettling, it’s demanding – but revolutions are like that. Solomon makes it very clear: now is the time to shift the “power of the few” to a truly regenerative global economy".

  • Danielle LaPorte, author, The Desire Map and White Hot Truth