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“I am very pleased to share with you a recent Podcast called “Profit First” with Mike Michalowicz.  Mike interviews me about my book “Take that Leap - Risking it all for what really matters” We discuss how I was able to restructure my business so I could get my life back.  Which allowed me to spend more time with my family

but also leverage my business and my networks to have more positive impact 

in the world.

10 Minutes on Business Insanity

In November 2016, the iconic Barry J Moltz shook my hand and invited me to be a guest on his Chicago-based AM 560 “Business Insanity Talk Radio” show. ..Read more in this week’s blog.


My interview with internet radio host, Barry Moltz, will go live Sunday, April 22nd, 2018, on the Business Insanity Talk Radio website. Read more in this week's blog.