Or, rather, it’s available!

You can now order Take That Leap: Risking It All For What REALLY Matters at Amazon.com.


If you want to make a positive difference and you’re even just a little bit entrepreneurially inclined, this book is for you. Whether you end up building your own business or working inside other people’s enterprises, some of the lessons I’ve learned will help you create a life you’d love to live.

I built my company around a commitment to protect water, the world’s most precious resource. I travel all over the world and I see what’s happening. My one company can’t solve all the challenges we’re facing. There are so many things that really matter that aren’t being taken care of in our world today. It’s going to take many people, taking care of what really matters to them, to protect and preserve life on this planet. So read my story, figure out where you can step in and contribute, and then take your leap.

NOTE: 100% of all book proceeds go to the charities I and my family support through Kokoro, our gift fund. Learn more