Take That Leap is an inspiring account of what resilience of the human spirit and an insatiable need to do good in the world can accomplish.”

CRAIG KIELBURGER - Co-founder of Free the Children, Me to We, and We Day, Author of Free the Children and The Power of We Day


“Prepare to be uplifted by every page of Nigel’s extraordinary story. A spectacular piece of work, eloquently written, of the journey he has been on to build a business, take care of our planet and have a life. Read it and soar!”

LYNNE TWIST - Co-founder of The Pachamama Alliance, Author of The Soul of Money


"Nigel Bennett's book is an inspiring read for any entrepreneur who knows what it's like to run a company—and a life—without enough oxygen to sustain the race. He's one of the few entrepreneurs I know who has achieved the ultimate in achievement and enjoyment—someone who dared to 'take that leap' and to create a spectacular life of freedom that most people only dream about."

 KEVIN LAWRENCE - Advisor to CEOs, Author of Your Oxygen Mask First